Right now, the House is proposing 18% cuts to global programs that promote agriculture and economic development in next year's budget. They're proposing 9% cuts to global health programs. And the Senate? No cuts at all - and in some instances, even small increases.

It's time to tell the House to think again. These cuts would mean that 50,000 kids won't get treatment for malaria, 900,000 children won't get nutrition interventions, 1.1 million children won't get immunized. It's time to make sure that Congress supports the Senate version of FY2012 budget bill.

Tell Congress to fight poverty and save lives in the FY2012 budget

Protect programs that fight poverty in next year's budget

Now's not the time to cut programs with proven results.

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Dear Congress, As you make difficult choices in the budget, please protect programs that save lives and help the world's poor pull themselves out of poverty.

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