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Call your senator TODAY

In just a matter of weeks, US budget funding for global AIDS, hunger and poverty will be slashed - unless our political leaders act. Call your senators today and urge them to protect these programs today. Millions of lives are at risk.

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Step 2: Call and Report

Tell us how your call went in the form below. That way we can tell our targets just how many people took action. And don't forget to check out the talking points at the bottom of the page!

    Talking points:

    1. Hello, I am a constituent from ______.
    2. I am calling to ask my senator to preserve the International Affairs account in order to protect our investment in life-saving development programs, such as those that fight HIV/AIDS, childhood diseases, and hunger.
    3. Can you please tell me what the senator's position is on preserving the International Affairs budget? 
    4. Thank the staff for their time, and make sure to leave your name & address so the staffer knows you live in the district and state.

    Additional information:

    1. At less than 1% of the federal budget, cutting foreign assistance programs won't put a dent in the budget deficit, but it will put millions of lives at risk. 
    2. Now is not the time to step back from our leadership position in the world and roll back the progress we've made in fighting HIV/AIDS, chronic hunger or childhood diseases. 
    3. Cuts to these programs mean 276,500 people won't receive AIDS treatment, 2.2 million fewer bed nets will be available to protect families from malaria and 1 million fewer families will learn new farming techniques and be better nourished
    4. US foreign assistance is not only the right thing to do - it is also good for America's economy and national security.