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Tell the Senate to VOTE NO on cuts to life-saving, poverty-fighting programs

Tell your Senators to VOTE NO on all amendments that will cut HIV/AIDS, malaria and chronic hunger programs in next year's budget. Lives depend on it.

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Step 2: Call and Report

Tell us how your call went in the form below. That way we can tell our targets just how many people took action. And don't forget to check out the talking points at the bottom of the page!

    • Introduce yourself to their staffer, and tell him/her that you are a constituent and a ONE member. Also tell them where you live
    • Tell the staffer that you recognize that Congress is making tough budget decisions right now.
    • Then let the staffer know that you'd like to urge  to VOTE NO on any amendments that cut the State and Foreign Operations bill.
    • Feel free to add more by using the talking points below.
    • Report your call, using the form above.

    Programs that could get cut - global health, agriculture and economic growth programs - are saving lives, and all for less than 1% of the total federal budget.

    • Nearly 5 million Africans are receiving lifesaving antiretroviral treatment (up from only 50,000 in 2002), mostly through PEPFAR and the Global Fund.
    • Between 2000 and 2009, 5.4 million child deaths were averted through immunizations.
    • In Africa, more than 500 million people have been reached with antimalarial bednets in the past two years alone, saving an average of roughly 200,000 children’s lives per year—that’s nearly 550 fewer deaths every single day.