Ask African leaders to fight for girls' education

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130 million girls around the world are being denied an education — and 53 million of them are right here in Africa. Without an education, no child can reach their full potential. This has to change.

African leaders have the power to increase investments in education, employment and empowerment, and could make sure every girl gets the chance to go to school and learn. It’s an opportunity to transform the future of the entire continent.  But if they do nothing, even more girls will be left behind.

Poverty is sexist — it hits girls and women hardest. But educate a girl from a poor community, and it can dramatically improve her health, wealth, and potential. She’s less likely to become a child bride, contract diseases like HIV, or die young. And she could help lift her family — and her entire country — out of poverty.

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Dear African leaders,
I am counting on you to increase investment in education, employment and empowerment so that all children across Africa, especially girls, get the chance to reach their full potential. I believe girls count - I hope you do too.