Better Nutrition Saves Lives

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Nearly half of all kids who die under the age of 5 around the world die from malnutrition. One in five of all pregnant women who die around the world die from malnutrition. 

You can help change these facts - and change the lives of women and kids around the world – today.

Congress is deciding on next year's budget right now, and we need to make sure they increase funding for nutrition. Why? Because investments in better nutrition have been proven to strengthen economies, empower women and families and help end extreme poverty for good.

Dear Congress,

We can help prevent nearly half of the deaths of children under 5 globally by empowering women to break the devastating cycle of extreme poverty by improving basic nutrition. Having the knowledge and access to the right foods can lead to better health, education, and economic growth in the world’s poorest places. Please consider additional appropriations for nutrition aid programs in the 2017 budget that will help save lives and fight poverty.