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We won’t end extreme poverty without combating corruption. Corruption robs countries of billions that could be used to increase access to quality healthcare, education, and food, helping to lift people out of poverty.

One of the worst examples of corruption are secret companies - entities that hide the identities of the real people operating and benefiting from them. For this reason, they have become a favorite vehicle for corrupt politicians, sex traffickers and terrorists, helping them to steal and hide money stolen from some of the world’s poorest countries.

These secretive companies are currently perfectly legal in the United States, and can be set up in just minutes online. In fact, under current U.S. law, less information is required to set up a secret company than to get a library card.

That secrecy is enabling bad actors to steal billions from some of the world’s poorest countries. Fortunately, there’s a solution: transparency. The U.S. Senate is considering legislation that would shine a light on these companies, putting an end to the secrecy that has facilitated corruption for far too long.

Sign our petition urging your U.S. Senators to support this commonsense legislation and help end corruption.

Dear Senator,

Corruption kills. It enables bad actors to siphon away money from some of the world’s poorest countries that could otherwise be used to improve and even save people’s lives.

Please support S. 2563, the ILLICIT CASH Act, a commonsense bill that would put an end to company ownership secrecy, ensuring our financial system is not abused by criminals to launder money from those who need it most.

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