CAUTION! Crossroad ahead

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Right now EU leaders are deciding how much money to spend eradicating poverty. They’re at a crossroads, planning to cut back the amount to help the world’s poorest people. Together we can help them choose the right direction.

Navigating the challenges we face together - famine, insecurity, pandemics and the people fleeing these tragedies - the 2018 budget is an important chance for the EU to deliver a strong, long-term vision for development that brings us closer to an equal and just future for all.

But the proposed EU aid budget for 2018 is 6% lower than last year’s. Now is not the time to cut development spending. Now is the time to re-route & re-focus on eradicating extreme poverty. We need the EU to step up, not step back from its international responsibilities.

Sign the petition and tell EU leaders that they shouldn’t take a backseat in shaping our future.

Dear European Leaders,

The EU must agree on a strong 2018 EU aid budget to secure an equal and just future for all.

Please choose the right direction and reverse all proposed cuts to development aid, keeping it focused on eradicating extreme poverty.