Dear next Prime Minister - be a World Leader!

The next leader of the Conservative Party won’t just be our next Prime Minister, they’ll be a world leader on the global stage. The UK is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, we’ve led international campaigns against extreme poverty and social injustice, and our creative minds have changed the world from the invention of antibiotics to the World Wide Web.

But, our Greatest British Export has been our commitment to UK overseas aid and supporting the world’s poorest. Providing kids with the opportunity to go to school, distributing life saving medication for those in need and investing in solutions to fight climate change - that’s our values in action.

This leadership can’t end and we need our next Prime Minister to be bold - a world leader.

Sign our letter to Conservative Leadership candidates and we’ll deliver it to their local constituency offices.

Dear Conservative Leadership Candidates,

The next leader of the Conservative Party won’t just be our next Prime Minister, they’ll be a World Leader on the global stage.

Our nation has a historic record of standing in solidarity with the world’s poorest people through our UK overseas aid budget. From providing emergency relief to those hit by natural disasters, to ensuring millions of children can go to school, to vaccinating kids against preventable diseases such as polio. UK aid is a lifeline for those who need it most.

As you run for the leadership of your party, protect our aid spending and ensure a dedicated government department delivers the best results.

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