Race Against Hunger

Almost a billion people will go to bed hungry tonight. But it doesn't have to be like this. We need world leaders to go for gold and break the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty.

This summer athletes from all over the world have come together to compete in a spirit of peace and solidarity in the games. Together, we can stop malnutrition, not just for one child, but for 15 million. We can end poverty, not just for one person, but for 50 million. Together we can break the cycle.

With the world’s eyes on London, and a food crisis in the Sahel, the British Prime Minister has a unique opportunity to go further in the race against hunger.

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Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,

I urge you to work with other leaders to save millions of kids from chronic malnutrition by the time of the next Olympics in 2016, as a first step in achieving the World Health Organisation's long-term nutrition goals.

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