Jonathan is trying to meet with Rep. Rogers

Help Jonathan get a meeting

Jonathan lives in Oneida, Kentucky. His congressional district is one of the most impoverished in the nation — and yet, Jonathan is speaking up in favor of foreign aid.

A social studies teacher from eastern Kentucky, he believes the right thing to do about the budget is not to cut foreign aid and he's rallying those around him to support funding to life-saving programs.

But Jonathan’s not just working hard to convince people in his community about the value of aid. He wants to take his message straight to the top: He hopes to talk about foreign aid in person with Rep. Hal Rogers, the Republican representative for Kentucky’s fifth congressional district and a key player in Congress when it comes to what America spends on foreign aid.

There are a lot of competing priorities in the budget this year. So to get a meeting with the Congressman, Jonathan needs some support to show Rep. Rogers just how many people believe this is important.

Will you support Jonathan in getting a meeting with Rep. Rogers?