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Lobbyists from some of the world’s biggest companies are trying to weaken a draft EU law that could help to expose the billions of dollars of secret payments that oil, gas and mining companies make to foreign governments.

But a group of key Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have the opportunity to stand up to this. A crucial vote on the law is coming up and by voting the right way they could help African citizens to fight corruption and build a better future for all.

Call on them to do the right thing and tell them that you will be watching how they vote.

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Dear MEPs:

  • Stuck on what to say

    Using your own words will be more effective, but to get you started, here are some key points you can include in your message.

    • You have an historic opportunity to be a champion for the world’s poorest. I will be joining thousands of people across Europe to see how you vote. Please do the right thing.
    • Please strengthen proposed new laws which will help African citizens to fight corruption. This will help ensure proceeds from the sale of their natural resources is better spent on hospitals, schools and roads.
    • Your position gives you influence over how your colleagues vote in your political group. I am counting on you to make sure that they join you as a champion in the fight against extreme poverty.
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We will deliver your postcard in person to the 6 key MEPs who are responsible for shaping the position of their political parties ahead of the vote. We’ll then attend the vote and publish the results so they know we are all watching them.