This Valentine's Day, show some love!

American leadership has helped put more than 8 million people on life-saving AIDS treatment. And leading scientists now agree that we could see the beginning of the end of AIDS in our generation.

But the White House is considering scaling back its investments, which will put progress in jeopardy. We could live in a world where no child is born with HIV. But it won't happen without you.

This Valentine's Day, send a note to President Obama asking him to sustain our funding to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Show some love for continuing American leadership in the fight.

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    • You have a historic opportunity to be a champion for the world’s poorest. I stand with thousands of other Americans in support of The Global Fund. Please do the right thing.
    • Please maintain current funding to The Global Fund, which helps African citizens to fight AIDS and extreme poverty. This will also strengthen our national interests and reputation abroad.
    • Your position gives you great influence. I am counting on you to make sure that the United States remains a leading champion in the fight against extreme poverty.
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